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 Our Next Events:

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Spring Carnival

Ticket and Wristband Presale starts March 1 and ends March 26.

Raffle Baskets

Items are needed for the classroom baskets that will raffled off at the Spring Carnival. Your Room Parent should have sent home information about it recently. Contact your teacher if you still need more information!

Harkins Summer Movies

Orders due on March 20

What we’ve earned so far:

  • Peter Piper Pizza Teacher Reveal Night: $676
  • PTO Membership: $1290
  • T-Shirt Sales: $1780
  • Bahama Bucks: $360
  • Fall KNO: $2685
  • Fry’s: $2357
  • Amazon Smile: $171
  • Shoparoo: $101
  • Clothing Drive: $275
  • Dairy Queen Restaurant Nights after Concerts: $200
  • Chipotle Night: $343
  • Harkins Loyalty Cups: $305
  • Mother Son BBQ Night: $946
  • Fresh Millions: $222
  • Box Tops: $1122
  • PogoPass: $60
  • Read-A-Thon: $2800
  • Evening of the Arts: $850 (designated for Art and Music)
  • Donations: $92
  • Sweetheart Dance: $2150

What we’ve done so far:

  • Fixed the mister system including a new pump: $1294
  • Back to School Supply Cards for Teachers: $2105
  • Back to School Breakfasts: $300
  • Conference Dinner and Lunch: $150
  • New lunch buckets: $70
  • Gift Cards for Teacher of the Month: $410
  • Curriculum Night “Pick Me Ups” for Teachers: $62
  • New Staff T-Shirts: $636
  • Lunch and Dinner for the teachers during conferences: $150
  • New Shed for Playground Equipment Storage: $750
  • Final Projectors for all classrooms: $1599
  • Planning software for 5th Grade: $15
  • Projectors for all special areas: $2495

What we want to do this year:

  • Provide shade around more areas of campus using both structures and natural materials
  • Areas we want to cover:
    • Extend Drive Through Pick Up shade structure
    • Cover Primary grade swing set with a structure
    • Cover the small playset with a structure and possibly extend the mister system to it
    • Cover the water fountains around campus with natural shade
  • Add plants and other natural materials around campus to provide a beautiful and useful environment for student learning.
  • Replace outdated/broken audio equipment.

If you ordered a snow cone at Bahama Bucks, thank you!

If you purchased a t-shirt, thank you!

If you gave us your daughter’s old dresses, thank you!

If your kids came to KNO and you went on a date, thank you!

If you donated paper or supplies, thank you!

If you enjoyed one of our Restaurant Nights, thank you!

If you made a poster for us, thank you!

If you asked your teen to spend a few hours herding cats, I mean kids, thank you!

If you joined the PTO, thank you!

If you used the website to sign up for an event, thank you!

If you worked a table at an event, thank you!

If you signed up to be a Room Parent, thank you!

If you cleaned up after an event, thank you!

If you came to set up, thank you!

If you took a spin on a Carnival Ride, thank you!

If you purchased that adorable framed art, thank you!

If you came to a PTO Meeting, thank you!

If you did ANYTHING at all to help Neely, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! You are what makes Neely an exceptional school.