Our Next Events:

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Results of the Read-A-Thon will be posted once all funds have been collected – Deadline is Monday, January 14 – and all reading logs have been entered. If you have a signed paper reading log at home, please send it in on Monday.

Evening of the Arts – Jan 25

Free Event with art from every student displayed

Coming Soon:

Paper Drive

January 28-Feb 1 – Build a castle on the stage to win a school wide prize! Like our Facebook page. We will post any paper deals we find there.


Sweetheart Dance – Feb 8

Limit of 150 families, catered meal, great DJ, 2 Photo Booths!


Box Tops Competition – Soon!

Save those tops and watch for details.

What we’ve earned so far:

  • Peter Piper Pizza Teacher Reveal Night: $676
  • PTO Membership: $1240
  • T-Shirt Sales: $1700
  • Bahama Bucks: $360
  • Fall KNO: $2685
  • Fry’s: $2357
  • Amazon Smile: $76
  • Shoparoo: $101
  • Clothing Drive: $386
  • Dairy Queen Restaurant Nights after Concerts: $200
  • Chipotle Night: $343
  • Harkins Loyalty Cups: $305
  • Mother Son BBQ Night: $946
  • Fresh Millions: $222
  • Box Tops: $1122
  • PogoPass: $45
  • Read-A-Thon: TBD

What we’ve done so far:

  • Fixed the mister system including a new pump: $1294
  • Back to School Supply Cards for Teachers: $2105
  • Back to School Breakfasts: $300
  • New lunch buckets: $70
  • Gift Cards for Teacher of the Month: $410
  • Curriculum Night “Pick Me Ups” for Teachers: $62
  • New Staff T-Shirts: $636
  • Lunch and Dinner for the teachers during conferences: $150
  • New Shed for Playground Equipment Storage: $750
  • Final Projectors for all classrooms: $1599
  • Planning software for 5th Grade: $15

What we want to do this year:

  • Provide shade around more areas of campus using both structures and natural materials
  • Areas we want to cover:
    • Extend Drive Through Pick Up shade structure
    • Cover Primary grade swing set with a structure
    • Cover the small playset with a structure and possibly extend the mister system to it
    • Cover the water fountains around campus with natural shade
  • Add plants and other natural materials around campus to provide a beautiful and useful environment for student learning.
  • Replace outdated/broken audio equipment.

If you ordered a snow cone at Bahama Bucks, thank you!

If you purchased a t-shirt, thank you!

If you gave us your daughter’s old dresses, thank you!

If your kids came to KNO and you went on a date, thank you!

If you donated paper or supplies, thank you!

If you enjoyed one of our Restaurant Nights, thank you!

If you made a poster for us, thank you!

If you asked your teen to spend a few hours herding cats, I mean kids, thank you!

If you joined the PTO, thank you!

If you used the website to sign up for an event, thank you!

If you worked a table at an event, thank you!

If you signed up to be a Room Parent, thank you!

If you cleaned up after an event, thank you!

If you came to set up, thank you!

If you took a spin on a Carnival Ride, thank you!

If you purchased that adorable framed art, thank you!

If you came to a PTO Meeting, thank you!

If you did ANYTHING at all to help Neely, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! You are what makes Neely an exceptional school.