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Wow! What a wonderful evening!

Our parent and teen helpers made a huge impact on the children having a fun-filled night and our teachers enjoyed themselves as well! Thank you to everyone who showed up or donated supplies. We truly could not have done it without you!

Do you have ideas on what we should try to accomplish with our fundraiser money next year? Send us your thoughts with this form.

What we have earned this year:

  • Peter Piper Pizza Teacher Reveal Night: $524
  • PTO Membership: $886
  • Amazon Smile: $45
  • Fry’s: $762
  • General Donations: $104
  • Bahama Bucks: $270
  • SchoolKidz Kits: $524
  • Shirt Sales: $1727
  • Tuft & Needle Rebate: $386

What we have done this year:

  • Repaired the mister system – $75
  • Back to School Gift Cards – $25-$50 for every teacher: $2467
  • 10 new lecterns to hold document cameras, laptops and more so teachers can be more effective in their technology use: $2735
  • 4 new tables for kindergarten to enhance small group instruction time: $825
  • Names on every door: $169
  • Special 20th Anniversary Lanyards: $1018
  • Provide cooling towels to all staff members with outside duty: $224
  • Provide new speakers to work with laptops for teachers who either never received them or whose speakers were no longer working: $113
  • Replace fanny packs for lunch aides to allow them to carry first aid materials: $54
  • New markers and lunch/storage buckets for teachers: $117
  • Back to School Breakfast: $180
  • Boo-Hoo Breakfast: $64
  • PTO Supplies (paper, office supplies): $389
  • Curriculum Night Trail Mix Bar for Teachers: $130
  • PlanBook Software: $15
  • 20th Anniversary Shirt for Teachers: $473
  • Chromebook Storage: $678

What we want to do this year:

  • Fill in some of the needs that teachers have
  • Save for building/playground updates

If you ordered a snow cone at Bahama Bucks, thank you!

If you purchased a t-shirt, thank you!

If your kids came to KNO and you went on a date, thank you!

If you donated paper or supplies, thank you!

If you enjoyed one of our Restaurant Nights, thank you!

If you made a poster for us, thank you!

If you asked your teen to spend a few hours herding cats, I mean kids, thank you!

If you joined the PTO, thank you!

If you used the website to sign up for an event, thank you!

If you worked a table at an event, thank you!

If you signed up to be a Room Parent, thank you!

If you cleaned up after an event, thank you!

If you came to set up, thank you!

If you took a spin on a Carnival Ride, thank you!

If you purchased that adorable framed art, thank you!

If you came to a PTO Meeting, thank you!

Parents, we had a wonderful year with you and we hope you enjoyed all of our events this year.

If you have any feedback or any other information you want to share with us, please check out the links below.




Thank you for all of your support this year!

-Neely PTO


You are what makes Neely an exceptional school.