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Neely Read-A-Thon

Dec 21 to January 6 (Winter Break)

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Reading Is Fun!


We would like to encourage all of our students to continue reading over Winter Break. The difference 20 minutes of reading a day can make in a child's future is amazing!

We Love Our School


Our school needs funds to do things like shade our playgrounds and update old equipment. The money for these items is not in the district budget.

A Read-A-Thon!

Let's raise some funds and help our children start the new semester off strong! A little bit from many people can go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.

Visit your PLEDGE page

Send your friends and family your request


at least 20 minutes a day, every day of break

log your minutes and collect your funds

Time is measured in 20 minute blocks

Details of the Read-A-Thon:

Kids read a LOT of books at Neely. We want to encourage them to keep up the good work over the holiday break.
Here is how it works:
Parents will track their child's reading in blocks of 20 minutes. This does not have to be one session. They can read for 15, take a break, and come back and read for 5 more minutes to reach 20 minutes.
Kids will contact their friends and family and ask for a donation of any amount for each block of 20 minutes they read over break or for a one-time donation for completing any reading over break.
An email with your personal link and sample text for donation request emails will be sent to you.
  • Cash or check can be used for one-time donations.
  • Parents can collect cash or check for "per 20 minute block" donations if they do the calculations manually (# of blocks x $ per block).
  • Friends and family can use this website to document their "per 20 minute block" pledge or to send in a one-time donation and pay with a credit card.
  • Parents will need to log the total number of 20 minute blocks on the website during the week of January 7th for the credit card to be charged.
  • Donations are due to school by January 14 at 4pm to be considered for the prize.
  • We keep 100% of the check/cash donations and 90% of credit card donations (the other 10% is for admin fees from the Read-A-Thon site).

A couple of rules to keep things fair:

  • All books must be previously unread by that child.
  • We would prefer that the books be close to their AR level in difficulty to ensure their reading progress continues.
  • Children who can read independently must read the books themselves. Kindergarten or other students who still need support can log minutes read with an adult's help or read on their own.

The prizes

Read 5 Hours or 300 Minutes

  • Every child who reads at least 20 minutes a day, for 15 days (for a total of 300 minutes) will receive a ThumbThing. It helps you hold open your book when you read!

Read the Most Minutes in Your Grade

  • The student who reads the most minutes in each grade will receive a Barnes and Noble Gift Card.
  • In case of a tie of 20 minute blocks, we will determine a random tie breaker.

Raffle Entry for Reading More than 5 hours

  • We also have 2 grand prizes! Each full hour of reading after the first 5 is worth ONE (1) entry into the drawing for the grand prize raffle. Primary (K-2) will be put in a drawing for one of the grand prizes. Intermediate (3-6) will be entered into a second drawing for the other grand prize.

Raise the Most Money by Reading

  • Students will have one (1) week after the Read-A-Thon ends (until January 14th @ 4pm) to collect cash and online pledges. The winner of this prize is the student with the highest total collections after fees are deducted.
May 27, 2020