Information and what it’s all about

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Your job
is to help your teacher. That’s the most important part.


You DO NOT have to do all of the things listed on this page by yourself! If you can delegate them out to other parents in the class, please do! Most people want to help and they just aren’t sure what the best way to do it is.

There is an entire network of parents who have done it before and they are all willing to partner with you to make sure you are comfortable and successful.  

Talk to your teacher. Ask what he or she needs. Help coordinate any events he or she wants to have. Communicate with the PTO and your classroom’s parents. If we are able to do it this year, help the PTO with our biggest event, the Spring Carnival, by putting together a booth with a friend and collecting items to build a raffle basket. It isn’t much but it makes a world of difference.

The PTO has sample documents and several games for you to use to make your job easier. 

Main Responsibilities
  • Create a contact list for your classroom.
  • Collect and send in pictures for the yearbook.
  • Celebrate your teacher on her birthday and during teacher appreciation events.
  • Help as needed throughout the year – this will look different than it has before.


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Raffle Basket Information – If we can have our carnival


Create a basket worth $150-$200 from items donated by local businesses, your classroom’s business contacts, and your classroom parents.


These baskets are one of the major sources of fundraising at the Carnival. They are one of the only items that has no cost to the PTO, especially if the basket is made of donations from businesses. The baskets are raffled off at the Carnival. Tickets are sold for around $1 each, parents and students drop them in the bucket of the basket they want, and the winner is drawn and announced that night! The sale of the tickets is 100% profit for our school.


Start early. Before October ends, send a letter home asking parents to start finding donations. Emphasize we do not expect them to pay for the items they donate unless they want to. We would like them to use their professional and social contacts to have items donated. In the room parent packet is a letter with our tax ID so businesses can deduct their donations. Ask them to shop the holiday sales, donate unwanted presents, or simply donate cash. Your “basket” can be any kind of container and we ask that it be wrapped to show all items, but secured to prevent items from getting lost.