Coronavirus Info

The best place to start is the district website. We know only what they have published, so if you have questions, please refer to the district communications for answers.

However, we will be consolidating information here as much as we can. We will also be posting updates via Facebook, so be sure to follow our page.


Please check your email. Teachers and staff have been sending updates about materials that will be available to students starting March 30th.


Anyone under 18 may pick up breakfast and lunch M-F at certain locations.  The list of schools distributing meals is on the district website.




If the district moves away from the current enrichment model, they will communicate with families.  For now, focus on using natural teachable moments and the district enrichment materials to keep your child engaged in learning.


The district has put together some grade level resources. We also have some websites listed below. We will add more as we learn of them.




We know that our events will need to change in response to current events. We are working out the details of what is possible to do for the remainder of the year. Please be patient as we gather the information to make the best decisions for everyone.

In each section below, click on the text next to the checkmark to be taken to the link. While we have reviewed them, we cannot endorse anything other than the district links. We are just putting these out here to be helpful. If you run across anything you think should be added, please email it to [email protected].

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