Paper Drive

NOV 6-9

Our paper drive theme this year is:


One thing every Neely parent knows is that schools use a LOT of paper. While the PTO is happy to take a little of the work off of the shoulders of the teachers and make their copies, we can’t copy without PAPER!

We need your help in filling the office and our classrooms with so many reams of paper that Ms. Allison and Ms. Patti have trouble finding their desks!

Bring it in by the ream, the case, or the pallet. Colored or White paper, we will use it all!

More Fun

We are also adding a little incentive for the kids. The classroom with the greatest number of reams donated will win a prize. One prize will be awarded to a K-3 classroom and a second prize to a 4-6 classroom.

Your child’s name and teacher MUST be written on the wrapper or box of paper to be counted toward the class competition. In the case of multiple children, the total donated will be split as evenly as possible among the children’s teachers.

Thank you for donating!

And be sure to subscribe to our website and follow us on Facebook. If we find any paper deals, we will post them!

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