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Chandler starts before us, so deals start in early July


Each grade is different

Each grade has a specific list that matches what the students will need for the year.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Each grade has instructions for names on items or not. If it is not specified (older grades), you may write the student’s name on the materials in a small, easily covered or erased manner.

Parents, please purchase Ticonderoga pencils for school. It really does matter! Other brands to choose if they’re similarly priced to competitors: Expo Dry Erase, Crayola crayons, and Elmers glue sticks. These aren’t as important as the pencil brand, but they’re nicer products than the competitors’.

For other items (paper, folders, erasers, etc) brands do not matter as much, so whatever is on sale is fine as long as it meets the listed description. Plastic folders must be plastic and not paper, for instance.


Supplies can be brought to school during Back to School Night so your child can come to their first day without armloads of supplies. It also helps teachers by giving them time to organize and prepare the supplies for their classroom.

See lists

View a PDF of the lists instead.


Good places to shop:

Make sure you check ads and compare prices!

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Teachers get 5% of your staples purchases

Staples has a new program this year.  When parents log their receipts in the program, they can select a teacher who will benefit from their purchase.

Teachers, enroll in the program now. Then print and give this  to the kids in your class.

Parents, no account is needed. You can simply log your receipt using Stapes’ online portal.


If you ordered a school kit from SchoolKidz in late May, everything on these lists,except ALP and Art supplies for your selected grade(s) will be waiting for you at Back to School Night.

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