A Bunch o’ Box Tops for a Bunch o’ Balloons!

August 20-31

“Box Tops are on things you use every day around your house. It’s so easy to collect them!”

Box Tops Products

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The rules of the game are simple:

  1. Collect as many Box Tops as you can.
  2. Glue 10 Box Tops at a time on to this sheet.
  3. Use more than one sheet if you have more than 10 Box Tops.
  4. Write your name and your teacher’s name on the sheet.
  5. Turn it in to your teacher or the office by August 31.

We will draw a single winner from the stack at the end of the contest and that one person will win 350 quick-fill water balloons! His or her teacher will win a $25 Target gift card!


(Kids’ Night Out)

September 7, 4:45-9:00pm

The evening’s entertainment includes:

A magician showing how to use science in fun ways

Pete Mueller demonstrating explosions – yes, really (but it’s all safe)

An astronomer to show you the mysteries of the universe

plus PIZZA!

You’ll get to do experiments of your own, too!

It’s science like you’ve never seen before at Neely!

Ready to register? The form opens at 8am on August 20. It closes at 4pm on September 4th.

Sign up on our waitlist

The form is set to take payments by cash, check, or PayPal. You may pay with a credit card or e-check through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. 

Only 275 children will be enrolled. We will use the waiting list to add children if space opens up.

What does it cost?

It’s $18 for the first child enrolled, and $12 for each additional kid.  

This price includes a pizza dinner, water, a treat, and all events for the evening.

What should my kid bring?

Not much! For the movie portion of the evening, the kids will be allowed to lay out blankets and pillows to get comfortable on the cafeteria floor. This will only be about 30 minutes at the end of the night, so they may not need anything. No toys or stuffed animals will be allowed. Please label all items with your name in case they are misplaced. These items will be stored in the music room until they are needed.

Your kid will NOT need a water bottle, a meal, or anything electronic! We have it all covered!


Who is going to be watching my kid?

Neely teachers! Aren’t they wonderful? Each grade will be with a certified teacher and several teen/parent helpers all evening. PTO board members will supervise and organize the event. Only registered volunteers will be allowed through the south cafeteria doors to ensure your child’s safety.

Give me the nitty-gritty. How does this all work?

Arrive before the doors open at 4:45 and get in line by student last name. Teachers will verify your child’s information, attach allergy wristbands, and direct your kids where to go. You may walk them into the cafeteria to help them get comfortable if needed, but only registered volunteers may enter the school campus.

Then you’re off for a kid free evening! We will contact you if your child needs you, we promise, so go with a carefree heart!

Return between 8:30 and 9:00. The east cafeteria door will be open and we will need you to be patient as we match children and parents safely. Do not leave younger siblings in the car, please. You will pick up the card you signed at check-in and proceed into the waiting area. If we don’t recognize you, we may ask for ID. We have wranglers to collect your kids for you and the kids will meet you by the double doors. If you have a photo of them on your phone, have it available to show the wrangler to make finding the kids faster. A volunteer will match your check-in card to your child’s sticker at the end of the waiting area and you will be free to go.

*If you have a 6th grader, please use the remind app at pick-up to text the 6th grade team your child’s name and that you are in line and they will send your kid to the cafeteria.

Welcome to NeelyPTO.org

We hope to be your #1 resource for all things Neely!

Our school attracts students from all over Gilbert, which can make communication hard. You can subscribe to this blog/website and never miss an important announcement again.

Don’t worry, we won’t go overboard. You can expect a couple of emails a month at most. When we publish a new post, it will be emailed to you automatically, if you’re subscribed. If you miss something, head back to the site and use the search function at the bottom of every page! No more email hunting.

Need even more reminders about what’s happening? Check out our PTO Membership!

Can’t make it to the PTO meetings but have ideas you want heard? We have live-streamed meetings through Facebook.

Curious how an event’s financials turned out? Look at the financial documents under Home on the site.

Forget to register for an event until the very last day and can’t make it to school to turn in your form? Use NeelyPTO.org to register and pay online with PayPal.

Lost the sheet that lists your teacher’s favorite treat and you know she’s had a rough week? They are all listed here.

The most important part of this site, though, is that we can make it work for you and for us. It is all able to be customized.

We hope you’ll poke around, give us a little grace as we work out the kinks, and come back often.


See you July 31 at 5:30 for Back to School Night! We will be in the cafeteria, with Chromebooks set to our site!

(Oh, and if you’ve built a website before or know how to, contact me! I’m self taught and it’s really complex! -Randi)




with any purchase



“It’s a sneak peek at your child’s teacher and it benefits Neely! What a great idea!”



Teacher Reveal Night @ Peter Piper

July 27th, 4:00-8:00pm

Join us at the Peter Piper Pizza location at Baseline and Gilbert to get a sneak peek at the class lists!

While we hope you will stay and participate in the Restaurant Night Fundraiser, you DO NOT have to purchase anything to get the early look. 

First check in at the Welcome table to get your sticker for FREE TOKENS with any purchase!

Next find the PTO member wearing a Neely Shirt. He or she will have binders on the table sorted by grade. Take a look at who your child has for the year. You may even be able to meet some of his or her future classmates!

If you can’t make it to the Reveal Party, class lists will be posted on the Neely front windows, as always, on Monday.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Boo Hoo/Woo Hoo Breakfast

August 2, 2018, 8:38-9:30am

Dropping your kid off for their first day of Kindergarten can be an emotional experience! For some of us, it’s marked by tears at how quickly he or she is growing up; for others, it’s a celebration of how much he or she has grown. Either way, we want to give you a place filled with like-minded parents who have been there before!

On the first day of school, follow the signs and meet in the Teacher’s Lounge after the bell has rung and the little ones have marched off to their classrooms, dwarfed by their backpacks. We will have snacks and tissues, and answers to questions you have about Neely.

Parents of new Neely students in grades 1-6 are welcome, too!

You get to stay cool


the kids burn off some of that energy before you’re stuck with them for the rest of the summer


no need to go out or pack lunch on the last day of school


Neely earns some cash!


How awesome is that math!?

What is this magical event?

Our PRIVATE Neely Skate Party!

Any Neely family is welcome! Children do not have to attend Neely, but they do need to be accompanied by someone who has a child at Neely currently.

Meals and entrance will be purchased at the door or by returning the paper flyer that was sent home today. Pre-Sale purchases are due to the Neely Office on April 21.

Skate rental can be purchased at the door only.

See the image below for more details.

Want to print the paper flyer? Click HERE

Skateland Chandler – 1101 W. Ray Rd, Chandler, 85224


Each year, we partner with SchoolKidz to save you some shopping and earn funds for our PTO!

Teachers have made their student supply lists and sent them off to SchoolKidz. Each kit is customized to the grade your child will be in next year, and all items are the name brands teachers request. Kits will be delivered at Back to School Night in August. You don’t even have to load up bags and boxes and haul it all to school!

Is your kiddo’s backpack looking a little tired? You can order a new one along with your kit! Water bottles, lunch boxes and more are available, too!

Click the image or the button to be taken to the SchoolKidz website. From there, you can take a look at the kits, all of the additional options, add what you like to your cart and check out!

You can order and pay online with a credit card by clicking the button on this page (Due by June 1)


You can print the form you need from the document in the box below and send a check to Neely’s office. Checks need to be made out to Neely PTO. (Due May 25)

We earn the same amount either way.

Thanks for supporting our school!



CODE: 80123



Order ONLINE Here

CODE: 80123




Want to know more about the Golden Ticket program? Click Here


Box Tops Competition

Did your grade lose last time? Want to take down the winners?  Did you win and need to defend your title? This is your chance!

It’s the same competition that we did in the fall!

Each loose valid Box Top will count as 1 point. Neatly trimmed* Box Tops will count as 5 points per Box Top. A valid box top is one that has not expired and shows the brand code in the corner. Box tops that are not valid will not be counted.

To earn points, place your loose Box Tops in the bin for YOUR GRADE. Only loose Box Tops count as positive points. Remember, if they are loose AND neatly trimmed, they are worth 5 points!

To sabotage another grade, complete the Battle of the Box Tops sheet with a valid Box Top in each shield (10 total), and it will count as 25 points AGAINST the grade whose bin it is in. Be careful with your sabotages! Those same 10 neatly trimmed, but loose, Box Tops are worth 50 points when they are in YOUR OWN bin!

The competition runs from May 14-18, in the morning, before school only. Look for the table with bins under the East Ramada. Make sure your Box Tops are in the bins before the first bell rings at 8:33 if you want them to be counted.

The winning grade will win a cool treat. The winner will be announced in the afternoon on Friday, May 18th.

*Neatly Trimmed is defined as box tops that are within 1/4th inch of dotted line and are not “torn” on more than one edge.

Need another Sabotage form? Pick up one at the table in the morning during the competition or download here:

Neely Bears!

Neely PTO was given 6 bears, from a tiny panda buddy to a giant rainbow bear! We have outfitted them with Neely T-Shirts and are looking for new homes for them!

At the ice cream social we will be raffling them off. How do you enter this awesome raffle? We’re glad you asked!

Check out Neelypto.org and look for the 10 bears we have hidden around the site. When you’ve found 3 of the bears, use the link below to send us an email. You MUST tell us which page you found each bear on and copy one sentence from that page in order for your entry to count. Happy searching!

I found the Bears!

Read more about the ice cream social here: https://neelypto.org/blog/ice-cream-social/