Neely Spring Carnival

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Welcome to the Carnival Wristband and Ticket Order Form

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Purchase Pre-Sale Tickets and Wristbands

Season Pass Holders Only

Please click this link to be taken to the Season Pass Holder Order Form. There is no place to enter your code on this form and if you stay on this page, you will be charged for all purchases.

Purchase Information

Please select the items that you wish to purchase.
Children between the ages of 4 and 18 that will be riding rides and playing games at the booths need a wristband. Only the first 3 wristbands per family must be purchased. Any additional wristbands are complimentary. Family is defined as members of the same household/address.
If you need more than 3 wristbands, please list the number of EXTRA wristbands you need.
Tickets are used for food and concession purchases, and for the raffle. Each ticket is $1.00. A bundle of 25 tickets can be purchased at a discount, only $20.
Each bundle is $20 and contains 25 tickets
Each ticket is $1.00

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Attendee Information

Please let us know who will be attending and how to contact you.
This is the child who will bring home your ticket envelope on the Wednesday of the week of the carnival.
If we have questions, what is the best email to reach you?
Please enter the number that is the best to contact you on both the night of the event and if we have questions.

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After pressing "Submit", you will be redirected to sign in to PayPal. When your PayPal purchase is complete, your registration will be submitted.
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Please check your email to ensure you have received BOTH a confirmation of registration from and confirmation of payment from PayPal. These emails are your proof of registration.
Please send your coupon in to the office in an envelope with your name. When we receive it, we will refund the $5 to you through PayPal.

Need more information? Scroll down to see what the Carnival is all about!


Four dinner options, all served with chips and a drink

  • Hamburger – 7 tickets
  • Cheeseburger – 8 tickets
  • Hot Dog – 6 tickets
  • Vegan Burger – 7 tickets

We are also selling a wide variety of concessions for one (1) ticket each:

Candy         Popcorn          Baked Goods

Drinks         Chips               Cotton Candy



We FILL the field with inflatables and rides of all kinds. Last year, we were mistaken for a town event!

We also pack our basketball courts with all of the traditional carnival games. From football toss to face painting, we have something for everyone! Check with your room parent for details on how you can help with our booths!

A wristband is REQUIRED to participate in any of these activities. Tickets are NOT accepted at the booths. Wristbands are $15 each if they are purchased before February 26th.

Because we understand that attending the carnival can be expensive, we offer the following benefit:

  • If you purchase 3 wristbands, but you have more than 3 children attending and participating, the remainder of the wristbands you need are complimentary. This applies only to children who live in your household and who are at least 4 years old.
    • Ticket purchases are an additional cost.



Don’t miss the cafeteria! We stack it with baskets from the classrooms (thank you to everyone who donates). Each ticket is one chance to win. Raffle ends at ___ and we will be pulling the winning tickets soon after.

  • PLEASE CLEARLY WRITE your name and number on the back of the tickets! We are not tracking sales by ticket number.
    • You do not have to be present to win, as long as we can read your name and number. 🙂

Our silent auction is online this year! Visit to view the items during the week of the carnival and to bid starting at 9am on March 2nd. Bidding will close at 7:30pm. Please read the note on the site about last minute bid activity! If you want to see any items in person, they will be on display in the cafeteria.



We will accept credit cards for purchases at the door, and will sell tickets all night. Please be aware that ticket bundles are NOT available for sale on the night of the carnival and wristbands increase to $20 each (for the first 3).