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May 7-11

Sure, we call it Teacher Appreciation Week, but it’s really Staff Appreciation. Every person who spends their work hours at Neely is part of the fun! We honor them with daily raffle winners, lunches, treats, notes, and so much more!

You can help by checking out the Sign-Up Genius. On it is a really simple thing: stocking the fridge with all of the staff’s favorite drinks. That’s it!

Your room parent will contact you with specifics for your teacher, so be looking for that email soon. Everything is designed to be easy and inexpensive to allow all children to participate. 

While you’re waiting for that email, you can check out your teacher’s favorite things here:


Want a sneak peek at the line-up for the week? Check it out below.


Sign Up!

The document to the right is a list of the things that we need help with for KNO. When you see something on there that you are willing to help with, click the Sign Up button at the top. You will be taken to to select and confirm your volunteer slot.

Hello wonderful parents!

We hope you have had a fantastic school year and are busy making plans to escape Arizona’s heat this summer!

We have one more major event for the year and we need plenty of parents on hand to help corral the roughly 300 kids who are attending. Spring Kids’ Night Out is going to be unlike any previous KNO. We have a master chemist, creating crazy experiments for the kids; a magician showing them how science and a little distraction can be thoroughly entertaining; and an astronomy expert, showing them the mysteries of our universe. It’s going to be fabulous!!! If I wasn’t running the event, I would be attending just so I could be part of the fun!! 

With all that said, you indicated at the start of the year that you would like to help with our events, and we need you! KNO is April 27, from 4:45-9:00pm. There are 2 times we need your help.

  • If you can attend on April 27th, possible assignments for the evening include: helping the kids with their experiments in the classroom while the teacher gives instructions, transporting small groups of kids to different activity centers, taking kids on bathroom breaks, refilling supplies, handing out snacks, matching kid to parent at the end of the evening, etc.  I promise it isn’t anything too hard and you will not be in charge of anything all by yourself.  We also have a group of teens to do the really messy stuff like serving and cleaning up dinner and collecting the trash in the classrooms, along with mopping the cafeteria afterwards.
  • There are also a few things that can be done at home easily. Some example jobs: cutting eyes, ears, noses, etc out of magazines for an art project or cutting bottoms off of cups, and washing out bottles or jars for a project. Or maybe you miss your days at a data entry job, or love computers? We could use some help getting name tags, rosters, and check-in cards made. We even have last year’s mail merge file for you to adapt if you want. You don’t even have to type the data! We will email you a spreadsheet 🙂

Now for the sweet part. Not only do you get to see all of the cool stuff for the evening, but if you help at the event on April 27, you also get $8 off your kid’s registration fee. It will be in an envelope at the check-out desk at the end of the night for you. If you can convince your spouse to come, you each get the $8! 

If you help at home, in exchange for your time, we are offering $1 off of your KNO registration (up to $4 total) for each hour you work, paid in cash when you return the items to school.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a special night for our kids. We are so appreciative of anything you are willing to do to help! You are the most important part of our team!

Please sign up by Monday, April 23.


Randi Schaefer, PTO Treasurer


Easy Teacher Appreciation

Were you given gift cards that you will never use?

What about those partially used gift cards that only have a small amount left?


Donate them to the PTO so we can combine them and put them to good use…


for Teacher Appreciation Week!


Send in your donations now! Place them in an envelope marked PTO and get them to school by April 17th.


Thank you for helping make our teachers and staff feel special and appreciated!


Spring Fundraiser

We  have some extra items that did not sell at the Carnival and we wanted to give you a second chance at bidding on them and earning money for our school.

You’ll score a deal and we will be one step closer to doing something amazing for our school!

Join our Auction


Questions about how it all works? Check out


April 27, 4:45-9:00pm

The evening’s entertainment includes:

A magician showing how to use science in fun ways

Pete Mueller demonstrating explosions – yes, really (but it’s all safe)

An astronomer to show you the mysteries of the universe

plus PIZZA!

You’ll get to do experiments of your own, too!

It’s science like you’ve never seen before at Neely!

Ready to register? The form opens at 4pm on April 6. Click here to access it.

The form is set to take payments through PayPal. You may pay with a credit card or e-check through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. If this is not possible, please contact us.

Only 275 children will be enrolled. We will use a waiting list to add children if space opens up.

What does it cost?

It’s $18 for the first child enrolled, and $12 for each additional kid.  If you want to help out all evening, you can receive an $8 refund. Make sure to check the box on the registration form to volunteer.

This price includes a pizza dinner, water, a treat, and all events for the evening.

What should my kid bring?

Not much! For the movie portion of the evening, the kids will be allowed to lay out blankets and pillows to get comfortable on the cafeteria floor. This will only be about 30 minutes at the end of the night, so they may not need anything. No toys or stuffed animals will be allowed. Please label all items with your name in case they are misplaced. These items will be stored in the music room until they are needed.

Your kid will NOT need a water bottle, a meal, or anything electronic! We have it all covered!


Who is going to be watching my kid?

Neely teachers! Aren’t they wonderful? Each grade will be with a certified teacher and several teen/parent helpers all evening. PTO board members will supervise and organize the event. Only registered volunteers will be allowed through the south cafeteria doors to ensure your child’s safety.

Give me the nitty-gritty. How does this all work?

Arrive before the doors open at 4:45 and get in line by student last name. Teachers will verify your child’s information, attach allergy wristbands, and direct your kids where to go. You may walk them into the cafeteria to help them get comfortable if needed, but only registered volunteers may enter the school campus.

Then you’re off for a kid free evening! We will contact you if your child needs you, we promise, so go with a carefree heart!

Return between 8:30 and 9:00. The east cafeteria door will be open and we will need you to be patient as we match children and parents safely. Do not leave younger siblings in the car, please. You will pick up the card you signed at check-in and proceed into the waiting area. If we don’t recognize you, we may ask for ID. We have wranglers to collect your kids for you and the kids will meet you by the double doors. If you have a photo of them on your phone, have it available to show the wrangler to make finding the kids faster. A volunteer will match your check-in card to your child’s sticker at the end of the waiting area and you will be free to go.

*If you have a 6th grader, please use the remind app at pick-up to text the 6th grade team your child’s name and that you are in line and they will send your kid to the cafeteria.


Monday – Thursday, March 26-29, 2018

  • In a bag
  • Labeled with teacher’s name
  • Every item counts toward the class competition

Lightly used is fine!


Are you a shopper? Can you spot a bargain from 100 yards? We need your help shopping for the PTO next year. Email us at to see how you can help!

Supply Drive



Teachers are in need of replacement supplies for their classrooms.

We all know that the children must be eating the pencils with how often they disappear and it’s no different at school! Everything is consumed at a much faster speed than anyone thought possible.

It’s time to dig through the cupboards at home and send in those odds and ends supplies that you didn’t need for that school project anyway. I promise no teacher has turned down a partly used glue stick or opened container of Clorox Wipes!

Here is what is needed most:

  • Dry Erase Markers, both thin and thick
  • Reams of Paper
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pencils
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • Red Pens

To sweeten the deal, we will be running a competition. The class with the most items will win a cool treat!

Send your items in a bag labeled with the teacher’s name (if you have more than one kid, write all of the teachers’ names on the bag).  The items will be sent to the office to be counted and redistributed to the staff as needed throughout the rest of the year.

Your teacher may have a specific request for her classroom. Those items will not be tallied in the class count, and will stay in her room when donated.  Look for an email from her with specific items (not all teachers need specific things).


“Easiest way to give to school that I know of!”   

Peter Piper Pizza Night

Join us on February 13, from 4-8pm at the Baseline and Gilbert location. The whole restaurant has been newly remodeled! Teachers eat free and a percentage comes back to our school!

Come as a pre-Valentine’s date with Mom and Son, or as a whole family.

We can’t wait to see you!

Register Now

Online Mattress Auction

We want to make it easier to shop our silent auction at the Spring Carnival.

To test our new system we are hosting an online auction of ONE item:   Your choice of any Tuft and Needle mattress!


The auction runs from 4pm on January 19 (Evening of the Arts) to 6pm on January 26. Bids start at $100 and increase in $20 increments. Visit to see the different options available ($325 to $700).

Join our Auction

Want a sneak peek at how it all works? Check out

Online Mattress Auction

We want to make it easier to shop our silent auction at the Spring Carnival.

To test our new system we are hosting an online auction of ONE item:   Your choice of any Tuft and Needle mattress!


The auction runs from 4pm on January 19 (Evening of the Arts) to 6pm on January 26. Bids start at $100 and increase in $20 increments. Visit to see the different options available ($325 to $700).

Join our Auction

Want a sneak peek at how it all works? Check out