Frequently Asked Questions

I need a Form

Look for it on this site! It’s probably in a recent blog post under What’s Next. Super easy! You can also use the Search box in the footer of any page to look for an event keyword (e.g. “KNO” or “Carnival”).

Still want a paper form? Send an email to [email protected] with the name of the form you need in the subject line and your child’s name and class in the body. We will send it home.

I want to help

Use  this  form to tell us a little about yourself and how you’d like to help. We will be in touch ASAP.

When is that thing again?

The best way is to check our Calendar page. If it is one of our main annual events, an estimated time of year will be listed here. If it is coming up soon, a link to it should be on our home page and a blog post will be up about it

I have photos to share

Wow! Great! We would love them for our yearbook! Use our website to upload the images. We may choose from them to supplement our site, too.

How much is that event?

  • Kids Nights Out are usually $18 for the first kid and $12 for each additional kid.
  • Evening of the Arts is Free. Framed Art pieces are around $25 each.
  • Sweetheart Dance is usually $35 for Dad to bring one daughter. Each additional daughter is $15. The price is higher because of the catered meal this year.
  • Carnival is usually $15 for a wristband to join in the rides and games and tickets for the food and raffle are $1 each or 25 for $20. Only the first 3 wristbands per household need to be paid for.

DId you get my order?

Create an account when you check out and you’ll never wonder again!

Or you can contact our Treasurer at [email protected] to see if your payment has been received. Deposits are recorded weekly.

Questions about delivery of an item? Email [email protected]  .


Spirit Wear

 View this page to see what is currently available.

Still need help finding something? You can use this box to search for keywords.

How It Works

A Neely Shopping Primer

Please read all information on the Shop Page of any product or event.

We have tried to anticipate any questions you may have and to provide answers in the text on the page. Often, you will need to check a box or select a choice to complete your registration and details of what you need to do will be explained on the page.

When you purchase an item on the Neely PTO store, you will add it to your cart, as you do on any other website. When you click Check Out, you will see a summary and you will be prompted to complete your transaction with PayPal. You will be taken to PayPal’s site where you can review your order before confirming your payment information. You do NOT have to create a PayPal account to use PayPal to checkout. When you have finished on PayPal, you will be redirected back to NeelyPTO.org to view your complete order.

If you chose to create an account on NeelyPTO.org, you can check on your purchases at any time.

Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate it!