So What Happens at a PTO Meeting?

Typically, we start with a recap of the financials and the minutes from last month, then move on to reviewing the most recent events. We talk about what went well and what we can improve in the future. We WANT you there to tell us your experiences and to help us make events better each year! Sometimes we have general housekeeping duties, like approving spending for the next event, but we try to keep the pace quick for these things.


The rest of the meeting is devoted to future planning. We describe the basics of an event and ask for input from the people in the room on the details. We want to create an event you’ll love, but we can’t do it without your voice and help!

We also vote on spending at the end of the meeting. Our goal this year is to give each grade level $1000 to spend on one of their dream goals.

We have time in each meeting to answer your questions and discuss any ideas you may have for Neely. Our PTO only works when we hear from a wide variety of parents. If you can’t make it back to campus, we will be monitoring our Facebook Live Stream video for questions and ideas, too. Like our page here:

Lastly, a bonus for anyone who shows up in person: A drawing for one free admission to the next Neely event! When you sign in, you will receive a ticket. Label it with your name and drop it in the jar. At the end of the meeting, we will pick one name from the jar and the winner will receive a credit for one admission to the next paid Neely event.