How to Link Your Accounts to Neely

Learn how to link your VIP card to us to make your shopping benefit Neely! You only have to do it once!

Learn how to link your Amazon App to us to make your shopping benefit Neely! You only have to do it once!

What We Do Differently


We will never ask your child to sell items to raise money. At Neely, we believe that children come to school to learn and be part of a community, not to sell items to friends and family.

We host many events on campus. Some are free, some are low cost, and others require an entrance fee per person. We hope that every family will be able to attend several events each year.  Each event raises money to buy the technology, supplies, and extras that set Neely apart. We fund things like AR, Time for Kids, Scholastic, Teacher Appreciation events, gift cards for teachers to use at the beginning of the year, among other smaller things during the year.

Our campus is well outfitted with Chromebooks, LED projectors, a new track in the back field, and working mister systems, and two years ago, we were able to provide each grade level and specials area with $250- $1000 to spend on improving their curriculum, lessons, materials, or other educational needs. Last year, funds went to the replacement and updating of classroom furniture and other durable items that have seen better days over Neely’s 20 years. We will continue to meet those and other smaller needs with this year’s funds, as well as save for several large scale projects in the future.

If you would like more details about how we raise funds, please email us at [email protected].

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Neely Events

These are the highlights

We add these throughout the year. Check the calendar often!

Passive Fundraisers

 You Shop, We Get Paid

(Fry’s, Tuft&Needle, BoxTops, etc) 

Make your money work for you and for Neely!

They’re on all kinds of things from frozen veggies to Kleenex. Cut them out before you recycle the package and send them in at contest time. Each contest brings in about $1000

Everyone needs food, right? Link your Fry’s VIP card to Neely, use it when you shop for all the deals and they pay us – with just a few families registered we earn a couple of thousand a year. Imagine what it could be if everyone participated!

Harkins helps us 2x a year! First, with their popcorn and cup vouchers before the holidays, and then with Summer Movie tickets in the Spring. *We place our orders early and our families have always gotten their first picks. 🙂

While I was creating this page we got a check for $335! T&N is awesome! They give us 25% of each purchase.

Super easy tip: Shop on the app as always BUT before you check out, go to Your cart will be all set and you can checkout easily. You can even save the link to the page on your home screen next to the app so you remember to use it!

This is the easiest way to earn up to $15,000 for our school!  All of these businesses send us money, FOR FREE, if you shop and link your purchases to Neely!  Click on a logo to be taken to the website and learn more about the program.


Promo Code NeelyAttending just the waterpark and a baseball game means the pass has paid for itself! Looking for something to do? Check the PogoPass! Plus we get a little bonus every time someone new signs up! (Code: NEELY)



We all love our kids’ art, especially grandparents! Use this fundraiser to create cute gifts and keep everyone smiling all year long!

Every year we trudge through the heat picking up supplies and then we walk into the cafeteria and see all those neatly packed boxes and think WHY didn’t we just do that! This year – do it!

Scan your receipt with the app and they pay us. It’s really that simple!