The Neely PTO

Who we are and what we do


Every school has its own culture and the PTO’s job is to create a community of families to support that culture. Neely holds its students to a high standard and strives to bring out the best in everyone. We want all students to feel at home within that structure and for our teachers to have the time needed to teach well.

To accomplish this, we need the help of the students’ parents.

There are ways, both in and out of the classroom, on and off campus, during school and after for everyone to find a time and way to help.

Some of the PTO’s responsibilities on campus include:

  • Making copies in the office
  • Finding and Communicating with each teacher’s Room Parent as they are the main avenue for information about each classroom and the school
  • Preparation for, setup of, and cleanup of every event that occurs after school hours, including:
    • The HUGE Spring Carnival where we fill our school with rides and games, food, music, auctions, and most importantly, FUN!
    • KNOs that host 300 students for a night of fun, movies, and pizza
    • Evening of the Arts which includes a display of art from each and every student on campus, complete with a treasure hunt map
  • Organizing volunteers to:
    • Bake goods for bake sales
    • Open ketchup packets and juice boxes for students at lunch
    • Assist teachers with their classroom workload
    • Spoil our teachers during Teacher Appreciation events
    • Cut out and send in Box Tops for free money, and other similar projects
    • Maintain and improve this website


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As you can see, the PTO has a big impact on campus, but we can not do it without YOU! We have over 850 students enrolled this year. We need at least 100 parents helping all over campus and in all ways to make this year amazing!