Evening of the Arts Framed Artwork


Pre-Purchase your child’s framed artwork and check out quickly and easily at the Evening of the Arts!

Each framed piece of original art is $25. We can also order a full color reproduction and have it delivered to your child’s classroom a week or two after the event. Reproductions are also $25.

Only one child’s art can be added to the cart at a time, but check out only needs to be done once all of your children’s art is in your cart.

  • If you have 2 children at Neely and want BOTH children’s pieces of original artwork, enter the information for the first child and then add the item to your cart. Choose Continue Shopping and walk through the steps again to add the second child’s original artwork to your cart. When you check out, your total should be $50 and you should see one piece of artwork listed for each child.
  • If you order 2 frames and place them under one child’s name, you will get the original artwork for that child and one color reproduction of that same child’s artwork.

Please have your receipt available (showing the Order Complete email on your phone is fine) when you leave the Evening of the Arts. We will be checking for proof of purchase before you will be allowed to leave with the artwork. Thank you for your cooperation.

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