PTO Membership

Benefits and Details


The information below is for a normal year. However, in 2020-2021, all membership fees are waived because we cannot offer any tangible benefits to membership with our cancelled events. All Neely families are members of the PTO this year. In addition, all families who are currently enrolled in another school, but attended Neely in the past year are members, if they choose to join.

We would love for every parent at Neely to be a member of the PTO. You are encouraged to attend meetings (Members get to VOTE on what happens!) and to become involved in our activities. As we are sure you have seen throughout this site, we do a lot and we need many hands to help!

 PTO Membership 
Sure, your $10 membership fee is helpful to us. That money is 100% profit, which means every penny goes towards the things we do for Neely. We also greatly appreciate the support your membership shows us.
However, we want to give a little bit back to you, too, as a thank you. Check out the benefits of your PTO Membership:
  • We will send you a link for our main events with an early registration option. You’ll usually get from 4pm Friday to 7am Monday (the weekend before the event opens for the whole school) to register in advance. This is great for the events that sell out like Sweetheart Dance and KNO.
  • You will also get a little calendar magnet as thank you gift from us.

Sign up for a PTO Membership so that we may keep in contact with you throughout the year!

The cost to become a Member is $10.

Questions about membership? Email us! [email protected]