Teacher Favorites

Everyone gets the list at the beginning of the year, but by the time the holidays or the teacher’s birthday roll around, it’s disappeared into the pile of schoolwork on your desk.

We have a solution!

Click here to be taken to a list of teachers. Click your teacher’s name and their list will pop right up!

Perfect for showing your teacher some appreciation any time of the year!

Neely Homepage

Need something that isn’t on our site?

Click here to be taken to Neely’s official home page.

You can get back here with a link under Parent Zone: PTO



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Full Day Lunch

3rd Grade 11:40-12:20 
2nd Grade 11:50-12:30 
4th Grade 12:00-12:40 
Kindergarten 12:10-12:50 
6th Grade 12:20-1:00
1st Grade 12:30-1:10 
5th Grade 12:40-1:15 

Half Day Lunch

Kindergarten 10:55-11:15 
4th Grade 10:55-11:15 
2nd Grade 11:00-11:20 
5th Grade 11:10-11:30 
3rd Grade 11:20-11:40 
6th Grade 11:25-11:45 
1st Grade 11:35-11:55

Lunch menus are updated monthly. Use this link to access Gilbert School’s page and click on the appropriate month.