Time Sensitive Need:

8:15 am Sunday Morning, August 27. We need a few people to help move a couch and a tv to Neely. A family generously donated these items to the school, but they need help getting them to campus. Email Board@NeelyPTO.org to volunteer.

“I love that just a small donation from my household can make such a difference in my child’s education!”






School Needs

We hear it all the time. Schools have needs that aren’t being met, but what exactly is needed is sometimes harder to discover.

We want to help you find a way to get involved.
Some needs are simple, just a request you can fulfill with things you have lying around the house.
Others are small purchases that can make a big difference. These are things you can pick up as you are running errands.
The rest of the requests are larger and need a coordinated effort to achieve. For these, the PTO collects funds and provides what is needed. The easiest way to help with these is to attend events or just donate money!


What we need:

  1. Itty-Bitty PE cones. They’re only 5 or 6 inches tall and so cute! We need 2 class sets, please. Here’s an example: Amazon
  2. Boys’ underwear size 10 or smaller. The nurse uses these for children who have accidents or other mishaps on campus.

This page will be kept updated with what is needed so check back often. A link to it will always be at the bottom of the PTO newsletter.