A Bunch o’ Box Tops for a Bunch o’ Balloons!

August 20-31

“Box Tops are on things you use every day around your house. It’s so easy to collect them!”

Box Tops Products

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The rules of the game are simple:

  1. Collect as many Box Tops as you can.
  2. Glue 10 Box Tops at a time on to this sheet.
  3. Use more than one sheet if you have more than 10 Box Tops.
  4. Write your name and your teacher’s name on the sheet.
  5. Turn it in to your teacher or the office by August 31.

We will draw a single winner from the stack at the end of the contest and that one person will win 350 quick-fill water balloons! His or her teacher will win a $25 Target gift card!



Harkins Theaters

Loyalty Items Fundraiser

Orders Due Nov. 17


Every year, we see these flyers for Harkins, but maybe you’re not quite sure what these items are or why our school is offering them.


Harkins sells many things besides movie tickets and they partner with schools and non-profits to raise funds.


One of the most popular items is their refillable souvenir cup. Purchase the cup for $6.00 and you can get $1.50 refills (first one is even free!) all year. If you purchase their summer movie tickets, this is a great way to get a cheap drink to stay cool!


Next up, a bag of popcorn that will serve at least 10 hungry people! This is great for a home movie night, a party, or just to feed all those neighborhood munchkins that show up at your house each day. 


Lastly, if you can’t decide what to get that hard-to-shop-for person, we have $25 gift cards. Each gift card will also come with a coupon for a free medium popcorn. 


What does all this have to do with fundraising? Neely purchases these items at discount and sells them for regular price. You aren’t paying any more than you would in the theater, BUT Neely’s PTO gets some much needed cash to help our school continue to be awesome!


Orders are accepted by paper form only and must be turned in by November 17th. We will deliver the vouchers for your purchased items by December 8th so you can have time to get them to your family and friends for the holidays.




Neely Knights

Battle of the Box Tops Rules



Each valid box top will count as 1 point. Neatly trimmed* box tops will count as 5 points per Box Top. A valid box top is one that has not expired and shows the brand code in the corner. Box tops that are not valid will not be counted.


To sabotage another grade, complete the Battle of the Box Tops sheet with a Box Top in each shield (10 total), and it will count as 25 negative points in the grade bin that you place the sheet in.


Place your box tops in your grade level bin to be counted. Contest runs 9/25/17 through 9/29/17.


Grade level bins will be available before school only and will be setup in the courtyard.


Winning grade level will be announced on Tuesday, 10/3/2017, during morning announcements. The winning grade will receive free Ice Friday (part of Fire & Ice) from the Neely Knights Café during lunchtime**.


*Neatly Trimmed will be at the discretion of the coordinator.
**Fire & Ice will be sponsored by the Neely PTO for the winning grade level.  


Need another Sabotage form? Pick up one at the table in the morning during the competition or download here