Chipotle @ Dana Park

Tuesday,  Nov. 13th 5-9pm

3440 E. Baseline Rd. #104 Mesa

Dine in or Take out, you pick! 

(Orders must be placed in store, not online.)

If you’ve been around Neely for awhile, you know how awesome our Restaurant Nights are! A ton of people show up, there are kids darting around to say hi to friends all night, and it is the EASIEST money our school makes! Our Chipotle night was our most successful restaurant night last year. Let’s see if we can beat it this year! Details are in the image below.

Chipotle @ Dana Park. Please join us Tuesday, Dec. 12th 4-9pm

3440 E. Baseline Rd. #104 Mesa

Take out or Come in to eat as a family, meet your kids’ friends and maybe run into their teachers. For all that fun, Neely will earn 50% of all purchases. You have to have the flyer on your phone or in your pocket and show it to them in order for Neely to get the promised funds. We’re excited to see you there and expand our Neely community!