Coronavirus Info

The best place to start is the district website. We know only what they have published, so if you have questions, please refer to the district communications for answers.

However, we will be consolidating information here as much as we can. We will also be posting updates via Facebook, so be sure to follow our page.


Please check your email. Teachers and staff have been sending updates about materials that will be available to students starting March 30th. Apps/Websites you may need: Google Classroom, Webex, Google Sites, Khan Academy, and Read Theory.

Make sure you know your child’s email (first initial middle initial first 6 of last [email protected]) and password (gps first initial last 4 of student id). So if your kid is John Michael Thompson and his student ID is 67099834, his log in is [email protected] Google will redirect you to a grey screen and ask for their shortname jmthomp with a password of gpsj9834.


Anyone under 18 may pick up breakfast and lunch M-F at certain locations.  The list of schools distributing meals is on the district website.




The district has put in place distance learning resources for all students. Please have your child check their email and Google Classroom (or other websites as directed) daily for updates. At this point, any work your child completes will only improve their grade so don’t miss out.


You may continue to use the enrichment resources, but campuses have all created curriculum for their students.




We will be cancelling all future PTO events. We are saddened to miss out on spending time with our wonderful families, but it is what’s best for the community. We are thankful for your support over the first 3 quarters of the year. We anticipate being able to purchase AR for our campus like we have in previous years, although we will have to postpone the purchase of several other items we wanted to update.

Neely Specific Specials Links:

In each section below, click on the text next to the checkmark to be taken to the link. While we have reviewed them, we cannot endorse anything other than the district links. We are just putting these out here to be helpful. If you run across anything you think should be added, please email it to [email protected].

Are you good at putting together puzzles?

We need your help!

We recently purchased a RubberMaid shed for the sports equipment the students use at recess. We need your help putting pavers down and building the shed.

If you’re interested in helping, fill out this simple form to let us know your name, contact information and availability.

All supplies will be provided for you. We just need a handful of hands to put it together.


These are the proposed dates to have parents on campus to build the shed. Please check all times during which you are available to help.

We are also collecting balls and other sports items the students use at recess. Our biggest need is a shelving unit to hold all of the equipment. The shed is 7’x7′ with a peak of 8.5′ (side height about 6.5′) Click the button below to be taken to a Sign Up Genius with details. Gently used equipment is great!

Sign Up Genius

Let’s build something great together!



Want a sneak peek at the instructions? Click here.