You want to help!

Thank you!

We can definitely use you!

The lists below are just some of the areas we could use help with. If you are interested in any of these, please fill out the volunteer form below or you can email questions to Christine Voiles at [email protected] . She will help you find the right place to help.

Thank you!

Volunteer Form

We are asking each family to volunteer 4 hours of service to a PTO event during the year.

Click the image to learn more!

You are the one who can make your child’s teacher’s life easier! How amazing is that! 

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It’s a lot of fun, a minimal time commitment, and your children love seeing you on campus!

I Can Help at Home

None of these require you to be on campus for more than 10 minutes.

  • Set Up or Participate in the Bake Sales
  • Design and Create Posters
  • Make Flyers
  • Bundling and Distributing Event Tickets
  • Soliciting Donations from local companies
  • Passive Fundraisers organization

I Can Help With Events

Help with one event and we won’t ask you again all year (unless you find you love to help!)

Most of the work is done on the event day or at home.
  • Co-chair
  • Set Up
  • Clean Up
  • Organizing volunteers
  • Extra Hands

I Can Help On Campus

These are the jobs that happen throughout the year that aren’t as showy as the events, but they make the rest of the stuff possible! 

  • Make Copies
  • Distribute Flyers
  • Organize Supplies
  • Volunteer at a table at an event
  • Room Parent
  • Lunch Bunch Helper