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The Neely PTO would like to foster a community environment at the school and create a culture of involvement. We need the help of parents to continue to make Neely remarkable! The Neely handbook asks each family to volunteer 4 hours of service our school. The PTO is a great place to spend those hours!

Neely students don’t have to sell wrapping paper, candy, or coupon books. Instead, we have fundraising events throughout the year. These events will only work with your help and participation.

Please look at the list of events on the form and choose an event that you would be willing to help with. Don’t be intimidated! Checking a box doesn’t mean that you will be running the show! There are large and small jobs associated with each event – and all of them have been done before, so there are notes and details from previous years to draw from. These are some of the roles that are involved in making each event work:

  • Chairperson
  • Planning
  • Music / Entertainment
  • Paperwork
  • Event Set Up
  • Event Clean Up
  • Volunteer During the Event
  • Helping at Home (supply prep, emails, etc)

Thank you so much for doing what you can to participate!


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SOME OF THESE EVENTS MAY NOT BE HELD THIS YEAR Choose an event you would like to co-chair this year. We have a write up of steps to take to help make the event successful. You are not starting from scratch on any of these. One of the best ways to make your volunteering fun is to enlist your best friend who also has a kid at Neely to be your co-chair! You already know and get along with that person, so why not have a great excuse to go out for coffee more often! You will NOT have to do whatever you choose alone. A board member will be available at all times to help, and will co-chair with you if a second volunteer does not sign up.
SOME OF THESE EVENTS MAY NOT BE HELD THIS YEAR Choose the events you would like to help with this year. You will not have to run the event, but you may be asked to help with the planning and/or on the day of the event. One of the best ways to make your volunteering fun is to enlist your friends who also have kids at Neely to volunteer with you!
Are you artistic? Love repetitive work that you can do while catching up on your favorite shows? Like working on a computer? Hate working on a computer? Love to chat with new people? Tell us anything you want us to know to help us find a great fit for you.
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